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    Hordes Of Locusts - Satriani Cover

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    New thread

    I hate acoustic guitars. Hope this helps. :ROFLMAO: 🤟
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    Time To Learn How To Do Inlay Work With A Dremel...

    That's exactly what I used to route out my Korean Dean ML to accommodate the larger Schaller Floyd Rose ! (y)
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    Cake Day

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    Misty Mountain Hop
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    Pickup identification help?

    No clue, but if you find out I'd like to know the answer ! At 13kΩ, and with the hex-head poles.. it might be a DiMarzio Super Distortion clone. :unsure:
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    The Ocean - Zep Cover

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    Joy's Blues

    Yeah, anytime I get stuck - can't figure out how to do something, I go watch one of his videos. :ROFLMAO:
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    Joy's Blues

    Thank you, kind sir ! I've been using Reaper for about 5 years now. Started off with CakeWalk, then Steinberg CuBase..
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    Joy's Blues

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    Outta Love Again - Van Halen II
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    Welcome !
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    Wool Blend

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    I Made A Custom Rosewood Pick

    That's really cool !
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    VH Cover - Somebody Get Me A Doctor
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    VH Cover - Feel Your Love Tonight off Van Halen I
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    Make Bank

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    Do Something

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    Gain Staging

    Had lots of help from my bro on another gear site - walked me thru correcting my errors with the gain staging on my signal chain. First test of new config:
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