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  1. bridget_murphy837

    Show Your Workbench!

    An absolute steal.
  2. bridget_murphy837

    There's No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

    True, only stupid answers.
  3. bridget_murphy837

    Time To Learn How To Do Inlay Work With A Dremel...

    A small engraving tool may also come in handy.
  4. bridget_murphy837

    GrassRoots GLP-60S

    Your insights into the construction, materials used, and even the specific details like the nylon nut and in-house pickups provide a comprehensive view of the instrument's features.
  5. bridget_murphy837

    Guitar Flatter (fretless in minutes)

    Sorry for the confusion. I am saying that fretted guitar works better for a beginner than a fretless.
  6. bridget_murphy837

    Guitar Flatter (fretless in minutes)

    I think a Flatter setup would benefit a beginner more than a fretless.
  7. bridget_murphy837

    Alex Lifeson/Epiphone: Thoughts?

    Is that a promotional email?
  8. bridget_murphy837

    A Koa Thinline Strat?

    Thank you for sharing.
  9. bridget_murphy837

    NGD I NEVER Thought I'd Buy A Brand New Squier... 12 String Paranormal Jazzmaster XII

    It sounds like you've made a thoughtful choice with the Squier Paranormal 12-string electric guitar, especially considering your desire for a 12-string instrument and the budget constraints. The Squier Paranormal series has gained popularity for offering unique and affordable instruments.
  10. bridget_murphy837

    In Conversation with Driftwood Amps

    I see. Thank you for sharing your experience. Now I understand why some people prefer tube amps over solid state amps.
  11. bridget_murphy837

    In Conversation with Driftwood Amps

    Tube amps are relatively new to me, what makes you choose it over solid state amps.
  12. bridget_murphy837

    NGD I Done Went and Got Me a New Martin 12 String

    I know you can play a 12 the same way you play a 6-string guitar, however, is there a way of playing distinct to the 12 string?
  13. bridget_murphy837

    New thread

    I think this sub forums needs more threads.
  14. bridget_murphy837

    MATRIBOX - multi-effects processor (demo/review)

    Check this out you may find the bodhran drum interesting.
  15. bridget_murphy837

    My 3 Main Axes

    Love those three sharing the same silhouette.
  16. bridget_murphy837

    Landtone Analog Delay Kit

    Thank you for sharing.
  17. bridget_murphy837

    Pickup identification help?

    Looks well used.
  18. bridget_murphy837

    New beginner YouTube channel - Going (hopefully) from dreadful to decent

    It was like a badge of honor when you grow calluses in learning and playing the guitar. I suggest not to try to peel the calluses of. It's better to use a nail file to smoothen rough callus edges.
  19. bridget_murphy837

    I Made A Custom Rosewood Pick

    I am curious if you can make it into a neck lace.
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