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  1. Diary Of An Axeman

    My Randy Rhoads / Jackson build .

    I made the body out of Alder , back in late 2009 , I used my Randy Rhoads / Jackson as a guide . Shortened the top fin and bought a reverse style Jackson neck .
  2. Diary Of An Axeman

    Strat Style Pickup Enhancements

    Samic has surely raised the bar in the last 15 years.
  3. Diary Of An Axeman

    Hagerman HALF WATT Amp (Practice/Recording)

    Preamp ( rack units/ multi effects/ pedals) + tubes + Solid State power = Tube Dynamics !!!!
  4. Diary Of An Axeman

    Hagerman HALF WATT Amp (Practice/Recording)

    I use two 12ax7 from my Digitech 2112's balanced left / right outputs from that rack unit and into two VHT Valvulator 1's ( each with a 12ax7 tube) before going into two Crate Power Blocks . That Half Watt modual could actual add more tube " Zing" to my setup. A couple of those Half Watt...
  5. Diary Of An Axeman

    Klon Clone Kit Build By A Newbie

    I bet building that Klon clone, boosted your confidence . Have you compared it yet to the real deal , yet ?
  6. Diary Of An Axeman

    How to defeat noise issues .

    In the future, you may run into noise issues ; hum, hiss, radio interferences and 60 cycle hum . You'll face it at home, at rehearsal, jamming with friends or at gigs. The EHX Humbugger is a great way to tackle hum from humbuckers without losing any frequencies . Buffers are a great way to...
  7. Diary Of An Axeman

    Pedal Boards

    I added a Decibel Eleven Loop Expander to include a EHX Ravish Sitar simulator pedal, a Boss GE-7 band Eq ( to simulate a nylon string GTR), MXR 10 band Eq to add more dynamics to my distorted tones. It gives me MIDI Control over those foot pedals. It has a buffer to convert my guitar signal...
  8. Diary Of An Axeman

    New Pedal Day!

    I used one during our cover of Ozzy's "No More Tears" and Motley Crue's "Dr. Feelgood" , with an Ammoon Looper. Practicing the timing, I hit the start on the rhythm part first, in stereo on the right side and the delayed drenched left side I did the tremoloed abstract before the main rhythm...
  9. Diary Of An Axeman

    Making the Purple Nightmare Angry!

    Over the years I've discovered, that getting a particular sound goes from the type or strings you got, the pickups your using, how much the volume / tone knobs are oriented, what kind of value your pots / caps are, the impedance between the pedals, your chords, amp settings and what kind of...
  10. Diary Of An Axeman

    What's your live set up ?

    I added a Decibel Eleven Loop Expander to add footpedals that are controlled by MIDI Commands from my Digitech RP-12, to include a EXH Ravish pedal, MXR 10 Band Eq, Behringer AM100 Acoustic Modeler, Boss GE-7 band Eq and MXR Talk Box . Power by a Decibel Hot Stone Deluxe power supply. My...
  11. Diary Of An Axeman

    Some guitar finger excersises ....

    Just hammering on, use open strings, shift your hand to a different position when going up the fretboard, pull off, use open strings, shift your hands to go up towards the headstock.
  12. Diary Of An Axeman

    Seeking Tips for Navigating the World of Guitar Effects Pedals

    I use multi effects floor units , each program is like a different series of effects pedals. If I don't like a distorted tone ; I got 4 different Distortions/ Overdrives in one unit, 7 in another and 12+ tube based distortions and 12+ analog distortions in my rack processor. So I can recreate...
  13. Diary Of An Axeman

    Pickup identification help?

    Looks wax potted to me. Does it sound good ?
  14. Diary Of An Axeman

    What genres of music do you like to play/compose in?

    The best Rock music was made between 1964 to 1992 . Grunge killed off good guitar playing and Nu Metal reduced Metal to a joke .... since 1993, the guitar has been reduced to a prop to only look cool ( cough, cough Korn ...cough, cough Limp Bizkit) But bands like Animals As Leaders and Periphery...
  15. Diary Of An Axeman

    So I Never Thought I'd Buy A Brand New Squier On Purpose...

    Since Fender moved Squier to Ensanada, Baja California in Mexico, the quality of the guitars have gone thru the roof. Now those guitars are just as good as the Fenders made in Japan.
  16. Diary Of An Axeman

    What genres of music do you like to play/compose in?

    I love it all . The band that I am playing with cover songs like Far Beyond The Sun, Satch Boggie, Crush Of Love, Circles, Evil Eye, Love Thing, Villa Stangato, XYZ ( Instrumentals), 60's, 70's, 80's Hard Rock, Classic Rock, 80's Metal, Thrash, Speed Metal, 70's/ 80's Progressive Music and...
  17. Diary Of An Axeman

    Thoughts on SQOE SEST980 Strat Style Guitar?

    In the last few years, Guitar Center has become a good place to try new gear .... then you can go buy from Reverb or Sweet Water 🤣🤘
  18. Diary Of An Axeman

    So This Happened Today...

    That is one hell of a beauty of a guitar. I 'm hoping to get an Black Epiphone Les Paul Custom with no tuners, bridge, no tail piece or electronics. Drop in a Dimarzio Evolution or Carvin M22SD pickup on the bridge, with a Seymour Duncan Screamin Demon in the neck position, with chrome locking...
  19. Diary Of An Axeman

    Alex Lifeson/Epiphone: Thoughts?

    Godin released S,S,H, Strat from the Moving Pictures era and it's pretty pricey too.
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