Alex Lifeson/Epiphone: Thoughts?

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I got this in an email from Epiphone today:


Alex Lifeson has pushed the boundaries of progressive rock and guitar innovation with a masterful command over his instrument. As a founding member of the iconic band Rush, he perfected a playing style that soars beyond the drama and the bluster to reveal truly stunning virtuosity that has been praised and admired by fans—and players—alike. We are honored to announce the next release in our partnership, the Alex Lifeson Les Paul Custom Axcess.
Redefining the Boundaries
Created through extensive work with Alex Lifeson and Gibson, Epiphone’s Alex Lifeson Les Paul Custom Axcess similarly redefines the boundaries of the classic Les Paul in an accessible, versatile package. This guitar carries all of the traditional tones that have made the Les Paul legendary, along with unprecedented levels of sonic and performance agility.​
It also carries powerful Epiphone Ceramic Pro neck and ProBucker 3 bridge pickups with push/pull coil splitting on the volume controls, along with a Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo—the world’s most efficient vibrato. Along with all this, the Alex Lifeson Les Paul Custom Axcess still presents that timeless Les Paul look that has remained a classic for more than 60 years.​

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I don't know why, but there's something deeply unsettling about seeing a Floyd on Les Paul.

It's almost as bad as seeing open-toed sandals at the salad bar.

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