Dunlop 'Flow' picks.

I'm new here, so I'll start "small", with plectrums. Has anyone else tried these picks? For many years I had used .60 (orange) or .73 (yellow) picks. I might occasionally have creeped up to like a 1.14, but not much. The 'Flow' is simply a pick with beveled/contoured edges, but what a difference that makes. I started off using .88s and 1.14s, and quickly found myself playing with 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0. You might think, "Well, I've used a Big Stubby before." These are different. I'm up to using 4.2 now, and love it. Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, it doesn't matter. These things have completely changed the way I attack the strings. The 4.2s might be too much for you, but these thick ones best visually demonstrate what the 'Flow' is all about. I just had to share what these have done for me. "Four-twenty" has new a meaning for me now.

And here's some 1.0s
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