NGD I NEVER Thought I'd Buy A Brand New Squier... 12 String Paranormal Jazzmaster XII

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Like the title says, I never thought I'd buy a brand new Squier guitar. But I've been wanting a 12 string electric for a while, and I don't have the cash for a Rick. I'd love a Carvin DC120 (which is what I really prefer), but finding one in good condition that's affordable is still a bit beyond me at the moment. So I got this Paranormal. I also don't have a Jag/JM type guitar, and I like the fact that it has Alnico pups rather than ceramic. I plan on completely changing the aesthetics of it - something sorta artsy I'm thinking.



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It sounds like you've made a thoughtful choice with the Squier Paranormal 12-string electric guitar, especially considering your desire for a 12-string instrument and the budget constraints. The Squier Paranormal series has gained popularity for offering unique and affordable instruments.
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