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This is a forum for musicians. There will be cussing, there will be sexual innuendos.

If you find something offensive, you have the option to ignore the poster and have their posts removed from your forum experience.

There are very few rules to using this forum. Here they are:


#2: No racist, homophobic, bigoted, or sexist terms will be tolerated, including in a user name.

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Points will be issued for each offense. At three offenses, users will be limited to posting in the MudPit for a month. Three more offenses while in the MudPit earns a ban.

#3: ONE ACCOUNT PER MEMBER: Multiple accounts are not permitted. Running "sock puppet" accounts in attempt to control the discourse, win an argument, or bully other members will be grounds for permanent banning.

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The Moderators here are volunteers that serve to make the site better by keeping things under control. It's a lousy thankless job. Many times, they take abuse from those that they contact. They are not perfect, but they are acting in the best interest of the website 100% of the time and they do not need to be second guessed by armchair mods that think they could do a better job.


TGF is a guitar themed music forum. We allowed non-music conversation to take hold, usually without question. However, politics, at least for the time being will no longer be a topic of conversation here at TGF. We want TGF to be an ESCAPE from the SJWs of the world on both sides. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We ARE NOT here to be your sounding board.


I'm not going to lose staff and members I care about because you want to fight about stupid shit.


12. THREATS OF LEGAL ACTION: Please be aware that any threatened legal action against the owners, administrators, moderators or members of this website will instantly result in your account here being permanently banned from future participation -- regardless of the issue. Legal demands via post, Private Message or Email will be ignored. Our attorneys will only respond to legal demands sent via certified mail to our corporate headquarters.


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Is the vaxx, transgenderism and the WEF political?
Very good question !

I hope you guys bear with us as we're hashing all of this out as we speak.

My opinion is: the WEF is the World Economic Forum and is clearly a political organization.

The vaxxx is going to be a medical topic, although it has become very politicized.

The transgender issue is both a biological and spiritual subject, which has also become highly charged and politicized recently.
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