Seeking Tips for Navigating the World of Guitar Effects Pedals


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Hey guitar enthusiasts,

I'm delving into the realm of effects pedals and it's quite overwhelming. Any advice on choosing the right ones for a beginner, how to chain them, and where to start with dialing in settings? Your insights would be greatly appreciated as I explore this new avenue of creativity. Thanks in advance!


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That's really going to depend on the style of music you're playing.

Tough to answer without knowing.



For beginners venturing into effects pedals: Start simple with essential effects like overdrive, delay, and reverb. Stick to a budget and prioritize versatility. Chain pedals in common order: dynamics, dirt, modulation, time-based, tuner. Begin with neutral settings and adjust parameters gradually while trusting your ears. Use online tutorials and communities for guidance. Enjoy the ringtones journey!

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I use multi effects floor units , each program is like a different series of effects pedals.

If I don't like a distorted tone ; I got 4 different Distortions/ Overdrives in one unit, 7 in another and 12+ tube based distortions and 12+ analog distortions in my rack processor.
So I can recreate any distortion, over drive or fuzz pedal ever made .

I can gain stack , a little one unit, mix it with more from another unit and use a little from the rack processors.

With my set up, I can use the Harmonizer from my floor unit to get 2 part harmony , the root note (1st with a 3rd up) on the left and right ) , activate my controller to send a command to my rack unit, to put the 3rd on the right, the root note in the middle and the 5th down on the left side .

Pedals are fun, but for me, MIDI gives me more options than pedals.
But I got a Decibel Eleven Loop Expander, to add MIDI Control over my foot pedals in those four loops. It has a Class A buffer to solve any impedance issues, converts my passive pickups high impedance to low impedance and keep my foot pedals isolated from each other ( no hiss or hum ).

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