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So I have this Samick Strat style guitar that I refinished and replaced the single coil pickups with new Wilkinson single coil sized hot rail humbuckers. It came out okay, but the sound was just "off" for some reason. (You can read about that in this thread) At the time I hadn't realized that there was a difference between pots and used a pre-made harness with el cheapo 250k pots. So, I decided to replace those with CTS 500K pots. Then I thought to myself, "You know what? Why be limited to the 5-way blade switch?". Now, I know I can add a Gilmour switch mod, but wanted even more control. So I decided to add individual vol pots for each pickup, and an on/off toggle switch for each one as well, with only one master tone pot.

Although I have a few books on wiring, I wasn't quite sure what the best way was to wire this. A user by the name of testing1two over at The Gear Page forum was nice enough to provide me with this wiring diagram in this thread over there:


So, I got the parts in today, and will be showing my progress as this happens. Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

And so it begins...

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